Curso 4

Welcome to Level 4.

You will find activities to download and complete on line on this page. For the first week we'll work on job experience and job interviews. Please download the material at the bottom; most of the material will be PPT presentations and PDF files to modify with FOXIT Reader, make sure you have that application.

See you on Tuesday


Gabriela LL.

Grammar Practice: You can download material for self-study here or using some online resources

One or two

Online tasks Group 1

Task1: Work abroad

Check the site and choose one job you would like to apply for. Make a list of the possible skills and qualifications required

Job interviews

Group A:

Listening: Watch the video and correct these tips:

Online Tasks Group 2

Task 2: Professional CV

Check the site. Have you ever used this site? Do you have a CV there?

How useful do you think it is?

Complete the form to have your CV in LINKEDIN

Job interviews

Group B: Watch the video and correct these tips:

  1. Do not take video interview

  2. Check your Skype connection

  3. Sit in a quiet private place

  4. Put personal pictures and prizes in view

  5. Look at the webcam during the interview

  6. Be humble about your potential for the job.

Further tips: Read and share the tips with your partners

Stages in Culture shock: International Students

1.Wear informal colorful clothes

2. Give a firm handshake

3. Do not look at the interviewer in the eye

4. Give information about your work experience and skills for the job

5. Do not mention personality or character flaws

6 Answer your cell-phone but leave the room

Further tips: Read and share the tips with your partners

Cultural Issues

I hate it here!!!

Checking in

Listen and answer

1 Can you sum up the procedure to use a check-in machine?

2. What type of travelers would find the new machines practical?

Going though Security

Listen and answer

1. Can you sum up the tips to plan going through security at the airport?

2. Why is common courtesy an element to bear in mind?

Great Presentations

Watch the video and list the tips that make Job's presentations memorable.